6 ways to help

Will transform hundreds of lives!

With your support, you make hundreds of Guatemalans have a better quality of life.


Direct donations to:

Banco de Desarrollo Rural S.A.

Account no. 3921118345

Account name: Fundación de Amor


Giving employment to our patients:
Patients with renal failure need to rejoin active socio-economic life. You can collaborate with them by providing employment opportunities.


Donating medicines:
We need medicines to control blood pressure, antifungal drugs, antibiotics, analgesics, anesthetics, inhibitors of gastric secretion, immunosuppressants, etc.


Donating your professional services:
We appreciate the voluntary support of doctors, dentists, chemists, biologists, lawyers, engineers, architects, teachers, secretaries, etc. to assist in the development of our service programs and fundraising projects.


Donating wheelchairs, hospital furniture and equipment, office furniture and equipment in good condition:
Some of our patients cannot get around on their own, so they would appreciate a wheelchair. Furniture donations are also welcome to support the administrative services of our institution.


Participating in our fundraising events.
We carry out different fundraising events, by participating you make it possible for us to continue our work.